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Fashion Oracles


Created by artist Anna Higgie and fashion journalist and author Camilla Morton, The Fashion Oracles is a modern take on oracle cards, wherein 50 different fashion personalities (designers, models, musicians etc.) take the focus of one card each. Each card offers advice and wisdom centred around the Oracle in question regarding attitude, style, and inspiration.

Higgie’s artwork (as with the Love Oracles) is the what initially draws people to this deck, somehow maintaining her own distinct style while effortlessly shifting to fit the personalities and fashion movements inherent in each of the figures she depicts. The art designs are matched perfectly with Morton’s writing, both on the cards and within the accompanying booklet, in which she maintains a funny lightness while never losing touch of the authenticity of the figures or her own passion for this eclectic range of icons.

50 cards in 159 x 119 mm size in a hard-shell two-piece card box.

The deck is also accompanied by a small booklet containing short biographies of all 50 Fashion Oracles featured in the cards.

Sold out!

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