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Primal Lenormand


 The Game of Hope: The Primal Lenormand (Das Spiel der Hoffnung: Ur-Lenormand) was conceived in 1799 by Johann Kaspar Hechtel and published in what is now Nurenberg, Germany. Originally developed as a simple parlour game, the cards underwent an esoteric revival when a deck was found on the corpse of the infamous French fortune teller, Madame Marie Anne Lenormand in 1843 (Hence the adoption of the cards retrospective namesake).

This modern reprint is authentically respectful of the source material, simply reproducing the originals with as little tampering as possible on a modern card stock.

Large 3.15” x 4.33” size cards. Comes in a two-piece hard shell card box, including a small but informative booklet with a brief history of the deck and short descriptions of every card (in English, German, and French).

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