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B.W. Special Edition


This deck is made by me. So this is our very first house deck. 

All the drawings are done by me. They were sketched out and then inked with a dipping pen. They were all printed here in the UK, specifically with a non-gloss finish and square corners to suit the style of the artwork. I’ll let the drawings speak for themselves instead of talking about them here. 

If you ever get lost they come with a small 100 page book that I wrote and again had printed in the UK. It details the meanings of the cards (at least in my interpretation), as well as a short introduction that hopefully explains why I’m doing all this.  

The box is a robust display box that I paint, engrave, cut, and mallet together in my studio in Streatham, London.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make it happen, I know it took a long time.


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