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Waite Smith Tarot


For this deck we have individually remastered the original drawings of Pamela Coleman Smith, including a restoration of the original card back. More commonly known as the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, we believe Waite Smith is the more appropriate title.

We have also stripped the background colour to reproduce the original cards in a new black and white format. Other than our own stylistic preferences this decision to remove the colour was brought on by growing ambiguity of whether the cards were actually coloured by Coleman Smith herself; for what it’s worth, we suspect not.

The deck also comes with an extra card with a QR code link to Arthur Edward Waite’s original guide, The Key to the Tarot, in it’s full unabridged glory, hosted on our website in a user friendly and easily navigable format.

The cards are printed here in the UK on matt laminate 350gsm recycled card stock and come in a laminated card tuck box.

165 in stock