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Golden Lenormand Oracle


The Golden Lenormand Oracle was created by Lo Scarabeo founder Piero Alligo by combining and remastering two vintage decks from the Dondorf playing card manufacturing company of Frankfurt, Germany. The illustrations are lifted from an early 20th century Lenormand deck and the playing card insets are from a late 19th-century playing card deck.

36 fully illustrated and golden-gilded cards, large 3.5 x 4.9-inch size, in a two-piece hard shell box. 

Includes 35-page booklet containing a brief introduction and history of the Lenormand cards and the deck itself as well as the divination meanings of each card.


*It is worth stating that this is not a gilded alternate of Lenormand Oracle (by Launa Taun), but a different deck entirely.

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